How to Sell a Property at Auction

If you have an apartment,townhouse, commercial unit, plot of land or a villa in any area and finding it difficult to sell, please send us your details.

Sellers Guide to the open public International Property Auctions

Why sell a property at Auction?

  • There are a limited number of properties selected per Auction so your property is marketed internationally to a wide audience on a very individual basis.
  • As our commission rate is so low at 1.75%, there is a considerable saving to you on the value of your property and therefore attracts more potential buyers.
  • When you put a competitive reserve price on your property, this in turn will result in attracting more people bidding on the property which in turn will increase the selling price over and above the reserve.
  • With our Auction terms and conditions, completion is within 45 working days.
  • It is a very quick, clean efficient way to sell your property
  • Direct Auctions has over 10 years of experience , handling hundreds of properties through our auctions
  • We have been in operation since 2003 and are the market leaders in overseas property auctions
  • Direct Auctions has attracted extensive media attention within the UK, Irish, Spanish and other international press with regular articles and columns.
  • Direct Auctions has been featured on Trevor MacDonalds, Tonight Show, ITVs, Spain:Paradise Lost and on the ITV News with Hugh Pymm. Currently we are part of Marbella Mansions showing on Sky TV
  • Direct Auctions continues to attract media attention and interest.
  • Featured on local radio and television shows
  • High traffic via the internet
  • Direct marketing to our expanding database of 10,000 newsletter subscribers

How do I sell a property at Auction?

  • Contact Direct Auctions for an appraisal and valuation of your property
  • Agree a realistic reserve price on your property with Direct Auctions
  • Ensure all relevant property documents are in order.

What are the costs to selling a property at Auction?

  • There is a nominal charge to enter your property into auction. This is currently £75 per property
  • What is the commission on selling my property at Auction?
  • We charge 1.75% on the selling price of the property

Are there any hidden costs for me?

  • No, there are no further or hidden costs to you.

How do people see my property?

  • Via our website, In the the colour Auction catalogue, via Social Media and by the accompanied viewings set up by Direct Auctions.

Is it Legal?

  • Absolutely, Yes.

What is the Reserve Price?

  • This is the lowest price you are willing to accept at auction. This figure is only known to you, the owner, and the auctioneer. On the day, the hammer will come down on or hopefully above the Reserve price. You and the bidder are bound by this figure and will proceed to Notary in due course.

What is the Guide Price?

  • This is the public price shown on the website. It may be set higher or lower than the Reserve, and aims to give an indication of where the property may be purchased.

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