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Its December. And in Spain this means its time to start to slow down.

Back in the height of the boom, there was no off time. I remember begging Notaries to be open to complete on properties, hassling lawyers to keep going to get paperwork we needed, racing around with equally desperate clients who were scared to miss out on their purchase.

Mad Times!

But now its back to how it was, this means the usual ‘working’ times of the Spanish. The reason I and many others came out here to live. The Spanish believe in working to live, not living to work. A very different philosophy. And so they are great at adopting other nations holidays. And ensuring they don’t work on any, preferring to enjoy the family time together.

Today is the day of Constitution, 6th December. Our gardener, always pleading poverty, was supposed to come today. But its a holiday, so a text came saying sorry, its holiday, see you next week. And I smiled. It keeps me grounded, someone who tends to work and put work first.

Anyway, I digress!

As the real estate season slows, I had to decide a time and date for the next auction. 1st Monday in March. Some people ask why so long? Well, with the auction we need time to get properties on, to get them promoted and to get them viewed prior to auction day.

Often buyers want what they fall for and so deals are done prior to auction day. And that’s fine, once a refundable deposit is held by the lawyer then we proceed to completion.

So, if you are reading this and needing to sell for whatever reason, please drop us a line and well tell you how we can help!

Happy Holidays!!


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Land, Bed - Bath

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